Veterinarians Of America was created by a group of completely crazy pet people. We’ve been friends for years and a big part of our friendship comes from our love of animals. Collectively, we have dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, chickens, a few sheep, and the obligatory hamster named Harry.

Unfortunately, we’ve all had situations where we needed top vet care. But fortunately, we’ve had each other for not only support but referrals to some of the finest animal hospitals around.

But not everybody is so lucky.

So we created Veterinarians Of America to help pet owners from around the country connect with top vets in their local community. If you’re interested in finding a great local vet, we hope you’ll find this website and the resources we make available useful in your search.

Rest assured, we don’t allow just any vet to be listed on our site. This is a curated directory which means our team scours the vet world to find great additions. We go through a screening process with each applicant to make sure that they have a great reputation and would meet our own stringent criteria if it was one of our pets in need.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear your feedback.